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WaterField Designs X-AIR BACKPACK

WaterField Design X-AIR BACKPACK Is The Ultimate Travel Companion For Tech-Savvy Explorers

A travel essential that combines style, functionality, and innovation.

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$ 489

WaterField Design has unveiled its latest offering, the WaterField Design X-AIR BACKPACK, a travel companion that promises to revolutionize your journeys. Designed with a blend of modern aesthetics and practicality, this carry-on backpack is a game-changer for travelers who want to avoid the hassles of checking in luggage.

The X-AIR BACKPACK boasts ample storage space and organization, rivaling the capacity of a traditional wheelie suitcase while fitting neatly into the overhead bin. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your belongings close at hand throughout your travels.

Crafted from durable, lightweight, and water-resistant X-Pac® textile, complemented by full-grain leather accents, the X-AIR BACKPACK exudes a sleek, professional-meets-sporty vibe. What’s more, it’s incredibly light, with most of the bag’s weight coming from your packed items, not the bag itself.

One of the standout features of the X-AIR BACKPACK is its intelligent compartmentalization. With three distinct compartments, you can keep your tech gear, clothing, and frequently-accessed items impeccably organized. The front compartment, in particular, boasts numerous pockets to keep essentials within easy reach.

The mobile office compartment in the rear offers padded pockets for your laptop and tablet, as well as additional pockets for accessories. Plus, it includes a discrete strap retainer to keep dangling straps at bay.

Carrying the X-AIR BACKPACK is a breeze, thanks to multiple handles and adjustable straps. The clamshell opening of the luggage compartment makes packing and unpacking a breeze, and the gold liner enhances visibility while the adjustable straps secure your items during transit.

Moreover, this backpack is versatile enough to double as a storage compartment when space is limited. WaterField Design’s choice of the X-Pac® laminate textile for the X-AIR Collection ensures durability, water resistance, and minimal weight addition.

With its impressive features and craftsmanship, the WaterField Design X-AIR BACKPACK is a must-have for tech-savvy travelers seeking both style and convenience. It’s the flagship product of the new X-Air Collection, and at $489, it offers exceptional value for travelers who demand the best in luggage innovation.

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