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WaterField AirTag Keychain and Luggage Tag

WaterField Introduces The AirTag Keychain and Luggage Tag

Crafted from full-grain leather and available in multiple colors, WaterField says they’ll protect the AirTag from scratches and hide them from potential thieves.

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WaterField Designs is set to launch an exciting new line of crowdsourced inspired products. This full-grain leather line including AirTag Luggage Tags and AirTag Keychains and other Apple AirTag accessories are designed to discreetly hide Apple AirTags from potential thieves and protect them from scratches while in use. The decorative perforations in the cases allow the sound from the AirTags to be heard. WaterField owner Gary Waterfield said the following about the newly released WaterField AirTag Keychain and Luggage Tag: “What really sets these AirTag accessories apart is that the trackers are protected behind a layer of sumptuous leather from the scratches so many AirTag users have already complained about, and they are hidden, so someone looking to steal a bag or suitcase won’t notice that they contain an AirTag and will be less likely to remove them.”

Designed in collaboration with input from over 1,200 customers’ through crowdsourcing efforts, the WaterField AirTag Keychain and Luggage Tag easily attach via an included carabiner or stainless-steel cable to luggage, belt hooks, bags, or virtually any other item that might frequently be misplaced. Each and every product in this line is made of dual-layer, full-grain leather for maxim durability. The release date for the Waterfield AirTag Keychain will be May 28th in Acorn, Black, Blue, and Red, while the Leather AirTag Luggage Tag is available from June 9th in Black exterior/Black interior, Blue/Black, Crimson/Black, and Grizzly Brown/Black.

For information on Apple AirTags, check out Apple Introduces The AirTag.