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Waiting for Oculus Rift

When the news of Oculus Rift hit the internet a few years ago, it grabbed our attention as it was one of the first virtual reality headsets that actually had the potential to advance the technology behind virtual reality. It was all thanks to Palmer Luckey, the young and passionate founder of Oculus that spawned many other devices that were either imitated or was powered by Oculus such as the Samsung Gear VR or the Avegant Glyph. It was odd that Oculus had not released the official version of the Rift while these other devices were being produced and marketed, but now the wait is almost over as Oculus has finally announced that it will release its highly anticipated Rift during the first quarter of 2016. We can’t wait to see what has taken them so long, and knowing how passionate Luckey is about virtual reality and his product, we can only assume it has taken them so long to polish even the finest details to assure a more realistic experience wearing the headset.