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It’s An Outdoor Folding Chair, But So Much More

Voyager is the perfect campsite companion, combining a durable yet comfortable durable chair with a backpack and insulated cooler.

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$ 139+

The hallmark of any good chair is that it makes getting up the hardest thing about sitting down. Yet, the PARKIT Voyager does so much more than provide a comfortable place to take a seat. The 3-in-1 outdoor-ready outdoor chair combines itself with an insulated cooler and an ergonomic, easy-to-carry backpack. This versatile functionality lets you soak in all of mother nature’s glory once you’ve found the perfect spot to watch the sunset, overlook scenic horizons, or set up around the campfire. Voyager is built using premium materials and superior craftsmanship for a travel companion that is durable, comfortable, and easy to carry with you.

Voyager offers 3 different straps — a cross-body satchel, over the shoulder carry-all, or conventional backpack. This makes it easy to carry along the woven polyester fabric chair that comes in Glacier, Slate, Tropic, and Calico colorways. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, the resilient industrial framing easily unfolds to reveal woven polyester fabric and bamboo armrests. Under the seat, an insulated cooler keeps ice for as long as 8 hours while also providing exterior pockets to carry as much as you can. The interchangeable cup holder accommodates cans, water bottles, and mugs so you can enjoy everything from your morning coffee to a refreshing drink of water to rehydrate after returning to camp from a long hike.