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Vollebak Graphene T Shirt

Vollebak Launches The Graphene T Shirt

At just 3.5 ounces, it’s astonishingly light.

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$ 145

Apparel company Vollebak landed on the fashion scene in 2015 with a bang, picking up multiple awards, including Time magazine’s Best Invention award no less than two times. It’s not hard to see why when checking out the details surrounding their latest release, the Vollebak Graphene T Shirt.

The use of graphene in high-end clothing has been on the rise in recent years, delivering strength and durability with flexibility catering to the most demanding scenarios. Featuring antibacterial properties and resistant to tearing and scratches, it offers superior performance for professional athletes and sportswear fans who require the very best from their clothing.

The Graphene T Shirt exemplifies this combination of outstanding robustness and effortless style, presenting the lightest T shirt yet in the company’s apparel repertoire. Thanks to the use of graphene, it’s also exceptionally cool, rapidly absorbing and redistributing heat as the wearer’s body temperature increases through exercise.

Constructed with a four-way stretch for additional versatility, the Vollebak Graphene T Shirt offers exceptional flexibility and adaptability for serious sporting activities. The breathable construction also assists with the process of moving moisture away from the skin through its thermoregulating structure. The result is a sporting T shirt that covers all the bases, from heat management to sweat reduction. Weighing just 100 grams, the Graphene T Shirt represents another leap in the evolution of clothing design from a company with a rapidly growing reputation for innovation and quality.

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