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Vocabolo Moscatelli by Archiloop

Introducing Vocabolo Moscatelli by Archiloop – A Unique Boutique Hotel

Quietly nestled within a gentle valley with a neighboring lush centuries-old forest.

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Embark on a sensory journey to the heart of Umbria with a stay at Vocabolo Moscatelli by Archiloop, a meticulously restored 12th-century monastery turned design haven. Nestled amidst ancient oak forests and vineyards, this boutique hotel offers a soul-stirring blend of history and contemporary design, curated by the visionary eye of architect Jacopo Venerosi Pesciolini. Each space within Vocabolo Moscatelli tells a story of reverence for tradition, with original features like wooden floors, exposed brickwork, and beamed ceilings seamlessly integrated with modern elements like brass, iron, and stone.

“Vocabolo Moscatelli brings together the stone mason, blacksmith, and woodworker with the artisan makers: ceramicists, tile makers, and painters, creating a boutique style canvas that plays homage to the past while bringing in the design references of the now,” said the hotel team.

Experience the epitome of rustic elegance as you immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of Vocabolo Moscatelli’s 12 uniquely designed bedrooms, each adorned with bespoke furnishings and distinctive accents. Indulge in the ultimate sense of exclusivity with amenities like a travertine swimming pool, a vegetable-forward restaurant, and a charming brass and terracotta bar serving artisanal cocktails. With only 12 suites available, Vocabolo Moscatelli by Archiloop offers an intimate retreat for discerning travelers seeking a taste of the Dolce Vita lifestyle amidst the picturesque landscapes of Umbria. The hotel will officially open on March 29th and rooms start at 410 EUR per night.

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