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Vintage Stainless Steel Fords

Stainless Steel Built Ford Collection Up for Auction with No Reserve

A Chance to Bid on a Trio of Ultra-Rare Stainless Steel Built Fords with a Unique Note in Automotive History.

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When one thinks of a stainless steel car they usually imagine a Delorean DMC-12 leaving flaming tire marks trying to hit 88 miles per hour. Many have forgotten that Ford built stainless steel cars decades before John Delorean ever did. It all started in 1935 as a joint promotional campaign between Ford Motor Company and Allegheny Ludlum Steel. They wanted to showcase the durability of stainless steel and what better way to do it than with a car? In 1936, Ford built six Deluxe sedans out of stainless steel. The point was to show how strong this material was and these sedans were driven until retirement in 1946 with 200,000 miles. Four out of the six still exist today.

In 1960, two stainless steel Ford Thunderbirds were built. Both T-Birds recorded over 100,000 miles while being driven by Allegheny executives. The last collaboration between Ford and Allegheny was in 1967. This time they built three stainless steel Lincoln Continental convertibles. Now, one of each of these stainless steel collaborations is going up for auction this year in September. This trio of FoMoCo stainless beauties will be auctioned with no reserve! The auction will be held over Labor Day weekend at The Auburn Auction in Auburn, Indiana.