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Villa K by Paul de Ruiter Architects

A modern villa made of glass, concrete, and steel.

As modern architecture embraces more use of glass for it’s ability to bring the environment into the space, living in a glass house takes a certain amount of dedication. Practical considerations such as privacy and the drastic changes in scenery between day and night means that you have to be bold and let go of some things that you may have gotten accustomed to in a traditional house.

Despite all this, when building a new house in the middle of a scenic site that offers stunning views of the valley, it’s hard to ignore the allure of building a house out of glass. This is exactly what Paul de Ruiter Architects have done in Thuringia, Germany, with the Villa K; a sustainable and innovative residence that strongly reflects the wishes of the client and adheres to minimalist principles. The architect has placed the house facing south in consideration of the amazing views as well as the path of sunlight to maximize efficiency. A standout feature is the pool that intersects the interior of the house while extending towards the southern edge.

Although living in a glass house takes dedication and possibly a sense of exhibitionism, the Villa K demonstrates how stunningly beautiful such a structure can be.


Via ArchDaily