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Jaybird X2

Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones

Best sounding in-ear Bluetooth earbuds gets an update.

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The holy grail of headphone design is making a truly wire-free listening experience. With some newcomers attempting to completely cut the wire, we have yet to see a convincing bluetooth earbud that can offer the style and convenience that these companies have promised, despite the fact that their various crowdfunding campaigns having amassed a large number of supporters.

This may be good news for Jaybird, as their Bluetooth earbuds gets an update with the Jaybird X2. It was already dubbed as the best sounding in-ear Bluetooth headphone out there, with a well balanced sound that boasts good clarity and descent bass. Building on the loyal following of its predecessor, the design is identical but small changes make up for a stronger product. The X2 comes in a variety of colors and now has better sweat proofing. The Jaybird X2 also has a more comfortable ear-fin design accompanied by several choices of earbuds, including those made from foam. This should assure finding that right fit for your ears much easier, promising a tight seal.

With minor changes that focus on making the listening experience better for its users, the updated Jaybird X2 should be able to retain its loyal following as the best sounding Bluetooth earbud on the market.