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Transform Your Backpack Wearing Experience With The New VentaPak

The VentaPak easily attaches to your backpack to make wearing it a cooler, more supportive, and vastly more comfortable experience.

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$ 42.50

All backpack users know the feeling of having a hot, sweaty, tired back caused by hauling your pack around. While they are one of the best inventions around, backpacks can be problematic. Between lack of ventilation between the pack and back and the toll they can take on one’s posture, backpack users can use some help. Enter VentaPak, an innovative, lightweight (~12 oz!) external frame mesh backpack attachment with an original design to promote maximum airflow to keep backs cool and reduce sweat. The VentaPak is designed to also improve posture by slightly shifting the pack off your back, with straps that gently tug shoulders back. This dynamic, coupled with the mesh supporting your lower back and lumbar region, keeps shoulders from rounding forward.

VentaPak is easy to attach, adjust, and detach. The mesh tension and distance between your pack and back can be adjusted by using the vertical straps and buckles. Although it fits almost any standard backpack, the VentaPak works best for backpacks that are at least 8 inches wide and 14-19 inches in height. Whether walking, hiking, running, biking, or traveling with your backpack, the VentaPak may well be just what you need to help enhance your experience.

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