Varjo VR-1 VR Headset

Varjo VR-1 VR Headset

The Varjo VR-1 achieves human-eye resolution with the digital equivalent of 20/20 vision.

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$ 5,995

Let’s face it. A lot of virtual reality technology unintentionally stresses the “virtual” part of the VR label while remaining woefully light on the “reality” part. For those who have rejected VR technology as simply not life-like enough, Varjo answers with its VR-1 VR Headset.

Unique among even the most state-of-the-art VR headsets, the VR-1 combines a 1920×1080 micro-OLED display with a 1440×1600 AMOLED display and incorporates optimized optic features such as a 2020 Eye Tracker to achieve an overall resolution of 60 pixels per degree. In layman’s terms, Varjo has achieved what its calls “human-eye resolution” with a VR headset that has the digital equivalent of 20/20 vision.

Made specifically for CAD designers and other professionals whose work demands extremely high degrees of visual fidelity, the VR-1 is currently tailored for highly technical business applications. If this headset lives up to its hype, however, Varjo will almost certainly expand the technology into consumer markets.