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Vaonis Vespera

The Vaonis Vespera Is A Smart Telescope That Makes Astrophotography More Accessible

The Vaonis Vespera enables users to view and take photos of deep-space objects like nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters.

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$ 1,500

Capture the beauty and majesty of the heavens with the latest creation from Vaonis, the Vespera. This innovation merges portable, smart telescope technology with a camera, enabling crystal-clear quality photographs in a digital format. To make astronomy and love for the stars more accessible, portability and affordability are key. Building on the success of Vaonis’s own Stellina, the Vespera carries over the automatic pointing and tracking system, powerful image processing, and engineered simplicity for ease of use.

Standing only fifteen inches in height and weighing eleven pounds, the Vespera can go anywhere, from rooftops and backyards to countryside hills. The integrated battery gives life to this smart telescope for four hours at a time and allows up to five users in multi-user mode. Using an Apochromatic Quadruplet lens with an aperture of 50 mm and a 200 mm focal length, the Vespera illuminates the vast grandeur of space. The lens also features extra-low dispersion S-FPL52 equivalent (ULD) with lanthanum glass for the full spectrum of color in the starry night. This package includes the Vespera observation station, a small tripod, a USB wall charger, and magnetic cable, as well as a free mobile app. The Vaonis Vespera is available for preorder and will deliver in the Spring of 2022.

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