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Vaonis Hestia

Introducing Vaonis Hestia: Redefining Astrophotography And Stargazing

Embrace the beauty, mystery, and grandeur of the universe from the comfort of your own backyard.

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Astronomy is typically associated with using large and cumbersome telescopes that aren’t known for being easily transported. Thanks to the efforts of pioneering manufacturer Vaonis, accessible astronomy without breaking the bank is now a potential reality.

Its smartphone-based telescope, the Hestia, looks set to radically transform the hobby of astronomy and make it accessible to everyone who owns a basic smartphone. Using cutting-edge technology, the Vaonis Hestia allows the user to simply insert their smartphone into the device and align it with the stars.

It comes with a user-friendly app to help identify celestial objects and can take stunning astrophotography shots without the need for high-end camera equipment. Using the Hestia device allows for an impressive magnification of up to twenty-five times using a smartphone, bringing the moon’s craters and mountains into sharp focus.

By using the integrated app, you can track the path of the eclipse and plan your outings to capture these events in real-time. Other solar activity can be photographed with clarity thanks to the Vaonis Hestia’s powerful solar filter, which reduces glare while accentuating the sun’s details.

This diverse range of applications afforded by the Vaonis Hestia is thanks to its patented six-lens optical design, featuring a 30mm objective and prisms that counteract the limitations of typical smartphones. Whether you’re a committed astrophotographer looking for a portable alternative for your smartphone or a newcomer to the scene, the Vaonis Hestia is a game-changing device.

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