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Vans’ Latest Collab Has Us Asking Where’s Waldo?

Vans’ newest collaboration is an homage to the classic Where’s Waldo? series, offering a fun collection of footwear and apparel.

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The Vans x ‘Where’s Waldo’ Collaboration is an homage to the classic book series featuring the beloved illustrations from the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ stories that began back in 1987. Waldo is nothing if not an adventurer. And now, whether one wants to pay tribute to the classic beach scene from the first book, or if ‘The Great Waldo Search’ is more their style, they can express themselves with a selection of Vans ‘Where’s Waldo’ footwear and apparel.

The Vans x Where’s Waldo? collection includes a pair of classic Authentic shoes that have the puzzle book character covering them. Along with bright red laces, these shoes are the ultimate nod to Waldo and the nonstop search to find him. Vans Classic Slip-Ons include a beach scene taken from the puzzle books. Somewhere in the beach image Waldo, in his red-and-white striped shirt, lurks and it’s up to you to find him. The collection is rounded out with additional footwear styles including the Old Skool V and Sk8-Hi, as well as a range of apparel and accessories inspired by Where’s Waldo’s signature style.

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