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Vadolibero NEOS

Vadolibero Bike Butler NEOS

Part bicycle stand, part tool chest, and part art object, the Vadolibero Bike Butler NEOS has everything that you need to service and repair your bike.

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In addition to its expert staff, your neighborhood bicycle shop has something that you simply don’t have: an amazing workshop that features everything you could possibly need to maintain and fix your bike. Wouldn’t it be great if you had all the amenities of a bike shop at home?

This question was recently answered in the affirmative by the Vadolibero Bike Butler NEOS. Beyond its long list of purely functional attributes, this product stands as an exceptionally artistic piece of contemporary furniture with retro-futuristic design qualities and a distinctive pop art sensibility.

Constructed of a rigid polyurethane with a glossy black finish, the Bike Butler NEOS serves as an exceptionally sturdy bike stand. For maximum stability during bike service and repair processes, this “cyclist’s assistant” features an iron core at the center of its tubular vertical support column, which is hand-soldered to an iron platter within the unit’s circular base.

After placing your bike on the Bike Butler NEOS, you have access to a wide range of gear, accessories, and tools in the unit’s unique egg-shaped case. This sleek case contains a surprisingly capacious amount of storage space and includes features such as a mesh pocket for your helmet, a mobile shelf for your clothes, an inner cubby for your cycling shoes, and a secure compartment for pocket accessories.