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Uhuru Beam

Uhuru Beam Coffee Table

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If you’ve been paying any attention to the world of architecture or interior design, you will no doubt have noticed that using reclaimed wood is all the rage. It makes a bold architectural statement, while the occupant can also feeling good about having done something to conserve our trees. It may end up being a fad, but for the moment it seems like the trend is here to stay. You may be infatuated by the aesthetics or feel strongly about conserving our natural resources, but what if you have yet to purchase your own home or don’t want to renovate the whole place?

For those that want to make an archtecutral statement without renovating the whole house, why not adopt a piece of furniture that can offer the same effect? The Beam Coffee Table by Brooklyn based furniture builder Uhuru is a coffee table made from two antique pine beams salvaged from buildings being demolished or renovated in he city. It still retains the scars of its past, including nail holes and iron stains for a more authentic character. All hand built to order, these unique furniture pieces will surely make a timeless statement in your living room.