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Trump & Clinton Custom Minifigure Set

Custom minifigures of Trump and Clinton captures the essence of their “attributes.”

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With the 2016 presidential election approaching faster than most of us are prepared to deal with, we’re close to witnessing one of the most historically significant events in modern American history. We won’t say too much about the candidates, other than that the nation has never been so divisive over who’s going to be our next president. In anticipation of the shit storm that will be next week’s election day, we bring you a bit of humor to lighten up the mood with the Trump & Clinton Custom Minifigure Set.

Created with genuine LEGO parts, each candidate has been printed with custom designs that captures their essence quite remarkably. They even come with a set of books that basically sum up each candidate’s “attributes.” We’ve never seen any election like this in our lifetime and we hope to never see one like this ever again. Whether you lean more towards to right or the left, or whether you’ve lost all trust in our country’s future, this custom miniature set is a great way to remember this historic shit storm.