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Triton Artificial Gill

Triton Artificial Gill

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Underwater exploration has always offered fascinating glimpse into a world that we are normally unaware of in everyday life. From exotic tropical fish to the magnificence of the serene ocean, there’s so much for us to see and explore, yet our lack of gills make it difficult to easily access such exotic locales. That is until now.

The Triton is a oxygen respirator that allows you to breathe underwater, much like having artificial gills. We’ve already seen these in movies, but it has always been a thing of science fiction. With the Triton Artificial Gill, you no longer have to resort to bulky equipments and hours of training to explore underwater. With a modified lithium-ion battery that lasts 45 minutes under water and a maximum depth of 15 feet, the Triton gets us one step closer to enjoying marine life exploration.