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Trayvax Summit

Trayvax Summit Wallet

The minimalist Trayvax Summit Wallet keeps your wallet slim and simple.

What does your current wallet look like? Is it made from high quality Italian leather, or does it feature some ironic 80’s reference with velcro that you think is hilarious? If you carefully think about it, do you really need that much wallet, or can you live with something a lot more simple?

Designed for those that shun complication, Trayvax Summit is the ultimate slim wallet that breaks away from the status quo by offering a truly unique and minimalist design. Made from just two components — cold rolled steel plate and length of mil-spec nylon webbing — it breaks your wallet down to the bare essentials, perfect for those that want to simplify their lives, starting at their wallet. It can hold up to eight cards and has a slip for your cash but nothing more, keeping it slim and simple so you can focus on more important things in life.