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Titanium Alloy Multitool Bookmark Pen

Introducing The Titanium Alloy Multitool Bookmark Pen

Redefining the way we interact with our favorite books and engage with the written word.

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There is no shortage of great projects featured on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform that blends practicality and innovation to offer something completely new. The Titanium Alloy Multitool Bookmark Pen exemplifies this daring approach to design in which a range of applications are combined through a simple yet effective design ethos.

Constructed from Gr5 titanium, the Multitool Bookmark Pen is, first and foremost, as its name implies, a sturdy pen that doubles as a bookmark. But take a closer look at its design and functionality, and a range of additional features are unveiled. The eternal pen allows for a continuous writing experience on the move, while dual-scale rulers allow for precise measurements using imperial and metric units.

This makes it a versatile accessory for designers who like to sketch out new ideas on the go without having to boot up their laptop or tablet. Built with precision engineering, the Titanium Alloy Multitool Bookmark Pen has been designed with longevity in mind and is exceptionally lightweight and thin. It weighs in at just 34g, while a slender 3.5 mm thickness means it fits snugly inside any book without adding unwanted bulk.

The Multitool Bookmark Pen also has a series of practical tools that can be used to open boxes, cut up paper, and pry open tricky objects. Easily attached to your book or pocket with a detachable clip, it also comes with a keychain hole for additional versatility.

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