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This Swiss Army Knife-like device can charge your phone, sync between devices, and also provide extra juice for your devices; all in a ingeniously designed package.

For those on the go, it’s crucial to keep your devices fully charged. Although it may look like a regular USB thumb drive, THINO is a slim and compact device that can be described as a Swiss Army Knife of electronics thanks to its versatile design and features, while making it a whole lot easier to keep your devices fully charged.

A standout feature of the THINO charging cable is the ability to fast charge at three times the speed of regular cables thanks to its turbo function. When the turbo function is off, it can work as a regular cable to sync data between your devices. For good measure, the THINO can also give you two hours of extra juice, just in case. It also features an ingenious design solution for the cable, locking your cable into a loop that can be attached to pretty much anything for convenient carrying. Available in both lighting cable or micro-USB devices, this simple devices might just end up saving your day.