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Experience The Next Level Of Reading And Creating With ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C

With its 10.3-inch E Ink display, the Tab Ultra C provides a paper-like reading experience, which is easy on the eyes.

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$ 600

Ultra-thin e-reader devices are an increasingly popular tool for professional creatives looking to quickly and accurately sketch and flesh out their ideas for designs. The ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C represents the cutting edge of this technology, combining an impressive 128GB of internal memory with a 16MP camera while delivering raw power through its 8-core Qualcomm processor. Whereas other devices are limited to black-and-white images, the ONYX BOOX delivers a full-color mode in addition to 16 shades of gray when in black-and-white mode.

This gives it flexibility that is virtually unsurpassed in its field, with the flicker-free LED screen further improved with the use of MOON Light 2 technology which reduces the negative impact of the screen’s glow on melatonin. The icing on this already impressive digital cake is the flicker-free system that completely eliminates screen shimmering, giving the user confidence that their sketches maintain complete fidelity. Additional operating modes that allow users to use the device with dual touch control for turning pages and zooming into documents broadens its application well beyond its competitors.

Few e-readers match the technical specifications on offer with the ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C, which can be modified with additional software such as a dictionary database to streamline the way work is checked for accuracy. With peace of mind secured through its fingerprint scanner, the ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C is designed to ensure your personal data remains safe from prying eyes.

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