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New MacBook

The New Macbook

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No one thought that the New Macbook will be more of a headliner than the highly anticipated Apple Watch. Beautiful, thin, light, and somewhat flawed, the New Macbook sets new standards for highly portable laptops.

Featuring a full sized keyboard with a newly designed butterfly hinge mechanism for more precise typing, it also has a gorgeous 12 inch Retina display. What it loses in weight and bulk, it gains in cumbersome and expensive accessories, thanks to only one USB-C port being offered — traditional devices must be connected via dedicated dongles. It also only has a 480p resolution front facing camera, in a day and age where we expect 720p and 1080p to be the norm.

However, Apple has always been at the forefront of embracing new technology and standards, even going as far back to the 90s when the iMac dropped optical drives in anticipation of file sharing through the internet. In hindsight that decision may have been headed in the right direction and its unique design definitely set the bar for future computers, and the New Macbook should do the same.