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The Manse

The Manse

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The whole world feels like it has gone into hibernation, thanks to Netflix dropping the second season of Daredevil last week. Matt Murdock’s hood the show may portray Hell’s Kitchen as a place befitting its name; a crime ridden gritty neighborhood with a beauty that only a blind man would be able to appreciate. However, the actual manhattan neighborhood is looking quite different these days, thanks to a much safer New York in recent years, as well as the high levels of development happening around the area. A prime example of this change may be The Manse, a brownstone located on West 51st St.

It’s a townhouse in a neighborhood that many not normally be associated with brownstones, but the impressive renovation it has gone through leaves no doubt about the quality of the house. Dramatic double height ceilings, impressive list of amenities including radiant heat floors, an elevator, high end appliances and finishes are only a few of the improvements that the current owners have made to the house. It’s no surprise that it’s demanding a price tag that is out of reach for us mere mortals, but given that it’s located in the heart of Manhattan, where real estate prices are as high as the egos of the people living on the island, we’re sure that this house will soon get snatched up by some billionaire playboy.