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The Last Ride Batman

The Last Ride by Fools Paradise

This PVC figure of Batman with his last coin in front of a Tumbler kiddie ride is strangely endearing.

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There’s something amusing about seeing superheroes outside of their usual crime-fighting guise and in everyday situations. The Last Ride by Fools Paradise is a PVC sculpture of Batman that does exactly that, by putting him in front of a coin operated kiddie ride of the Tumbler seen in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Holding onto his very last coin, the hulking figure of the Caped Crusader contrasts humorously with his child-like dilemma of realizing that he has only one coin left for kiddie ride that is made in the image of his beloved, and most likely destroyed, Tumbler. The figure stands 13-inches tall and is made from venial, PVC, ABS, resin, and fabric. There are plenty of easter egg references to past films and comic book story lines tattooed all over his arms to please the fans as well. Limited world-wide to only 398 pieces, this is a must have for fans pop art or the Dark Knight.