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‘The Beauty of Space: Living in Minimal Style’ by Chris van Uffelen

Less Is more. Explore minimalism through these carefully selected residential designs from around the world.

For anyone intimate with design, you may have heard the phrase “less is more.” The now well-known phrase coined by the great 20th century architect, Mies van der Rohe, is a core principle of minimalism. Although the main tenant of minimalism could be construed as proposing doing less for the sake of efficiency or aesthetic preferences, the fact of the matter is that minimalism carries a huge burden of careful consideration and thoughtfulness to execute properly.

To demonstrate the importance and significance of minimalism, as well as the thought-provoking challenges that come with it, Chris van Uffelen has written The Beauty of Space: Living in Minimal Style. Showcasing a selection of carefully curated projects, the book presents contemporary minimalist residential designs from around the world. These projects focus on the essence of life, of purely being, while placing the residents at the center of the work. This book is a must read for anyone contemplating on embracing the minimalist lifestyle to get inspired by beautiful minimalist imagery and to understand the thought that goes into this modern design principle.