SWIFT2.0 Backpack

CYCOP Introduces The Versatile SWIFT2.0 Backpack

The water-repellent and wear-resistant backpack uses four different interior pockets to keep contents neatly organized.

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$ 89+

If you need a bag that is versatile, protective, and durable, the SWIFT2.0 Backpack will rise to the top of your list. This bag features a unique s-shaped zipper that gives you space to put a wide range of items. The zipper design allows you the backpack to be opened in seven different ways, so you can stash something away in a flash or unveil the entirety of its impressive storage space for more. Four interior pockets keep your belongings neatly organized so things don’t shuffle around when you’re on the go. Plus, a protective layer keeps your belongings like sensitive equipment and dry clothes you need after your swim.

The exterior of the backpack is designed to be every bit as versatile. An adjustable sternum, load-lifting, fixing, and breathable mesh straps allow the backpack to be adjusted to fit comfortably without becoming a burden on your shoulders. Elastic side pockets provide extra storage space for things you’ll constantly be grabbing, like a water bottle. The entire 23L backpack is made up of water-repellant and wear-resistant material.