Supreme x Nike Air Force 1

Nike And Supreme Release An Understated Air Force 1

The Supreme logo quietly sits below the Nike swoosh, adding a subtle bit of contrast to an otherwise monochromatic sneaker.

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Clean. Crisp. Fresh. The Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are all that and more. Available in either stark all-white or all-black colorways, the collaboration between Nike and Supreme is the kind of sneaker that doesn’t draw attention to itself. That’s because combining Nike Air Force 1 with the Supreme name means they don’t need to. Some sneakers have to shout with bright colors and outlandish designs. These are laid back and perfectly content with letting the attention come to them.

With the Supreme X Nike Air Force 1, you have two options to make a statement. Each monochromatic color scheme is made from rich leather. The only small splash of color found on either design is the Supreme logo stitched in red and white directly under the Nike swoosh. If you’re aiming at just a touch more color, the shoes do come with alternative laces. The black version comes with black laces featuring the Supreme font, while the white version uses red laces with the Supreme font in white. That jolt of contrast gives a subtle hint to the most discerning sneakerhead.