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Supreme Airstream Travel Trailer Brings Brand Recognition To The Great Outdoors

Big Flex at the local RV park.

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If you’ve ever wanted to buy a retro-designed Airstream Travel Trailer but felt it needed more brand recognition, you are in luck. Airstream has teamed up with Supreme to collaborate on a travel trailer for the spring/summer 2022 collection. The Supreme Airstream is a 22-long, single-axle travel trailer decked out with Supreme’s signature shade of red. On the outside, the trailer features a Supreme red awning branded with the white letter logo as well as slapped-on Supreme decals on the bodywork.

The interior of the Supreme Airstream travel trailer features a red upholstered bench accompanying a small table and a Supreme blanket for the queen-sized bed. Standard equipment includes climate control, stereo, and an HDTV. This trailer has more branding than a cattle ranch! Moreover, as part of the spring/summer 2022 collection, the brand is offering a series of accessories to fill the Supreme Airstream Travel Trailer. These items include Supreme-branded Kraft Mac and Cheese with pasta-shaped letters, kayaks, foldable chairs, and a Supreme cassette player for those who like nostalgia. At this time, neither Airstream nor Supreme has disclosed the price tag for their 22-footer trailer. For perspective, a standard 22-foot Airstream Caravel 22FB trailer retails from $70-80k.

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