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Sunflower Home Awareness System

Let these discreet outdoor sensors and aerial camera keep your home safe.

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Is it strange to feel like there’s something menacing about home security cameras? Yes, having a constant watchful eye out on your home is one way of looking at it, but the fact that you’re being watched and recorded feels strangely unsettling. It’s a bit ineffective as well in a day and age where various sensors and monitors can give you a more wholistic picture than just a camera staring at one spot.

The Sunflower Home Awareness System is a friendlier and more wholistic approach to home security, protecting your home with a set of outdoor sensors and an aerial camera for a complete picture of what’s going on around your home. The Sunflower Smart Lights are outdoor sensors that look and act like regular outdoor lights, but can also learn the property’s routines, deterring unwanted visitors with light and sound. When it suspects unusual activity around the property, you can quickly investigate what’s going on with the Sunflower Flying Camera to see a live video of the event. For more laid back times, the Smart Lights can be used to create ambiance with different themes as well.