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A new modular furniture system inspired by the human spine.

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What is your favorite chair to sit on when you come home? Although there are historically significant chairs that have become design icons, its basic structure has changed very little over time. There’s a place for your rear, a backrest, and some legs to keep everything from falling over. It’s a simple formula that works well, but what if you wanted to challenge the status quo?

Spyndi is a completely unique design solution for a new type of modular furniture. Designed by Lithuanian designer Mindaugas Zillions, the modular pieces are inspired by the human spine, resulting in a multi-functional and sustainable design that is highly customizable. Each piece can interlock with another piece and coated in natural oil, creating an unbreakable wooden structure that is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. When it comes to design and configuration, you’re only limited by your imagination.