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Spin Coin

Spin Coin

Pass the time and let your mind wander for a couple minutes as you watch the quality-designed, solid copper Spin Coin from take a spin.

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You may be wondering about the practicality of purchasing a Spin Coin, but sometimes you just need to throw practicality out the window and just enjoy an object for what it is. For EDC buyers, the Spin Coin from J.L. Lawson gives you something to stare at when pondering about life’s biggest mysteries. It’s manually machined by hand from solid copper with a ceramic ball bearing for long, smooth spins. The 1.5″ diameter coin is the perfect weight to comfortably carry around in your pocket or to just set on your desk to reach for at your convenience. Whenever you need a break from your daily routine or need help passing the time give this coin a little spin.