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Soundcore A20 Sleep Airbuds

Soundcore Launches New A20 Sleep Airbuds

Soundcore’s exclusive Twin-Seal ear tips boast an additional layer of protection.

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There has been a proliferation in recent years offering a range of solutions to help people get a good night’s sleep, ranging from medical interventions to dozens of brands selling earbuds. While the disposable, silicon gel-based products work in the short term, the new Soundcore A20 Sleep Airbuds aim to deliver a permanent solution that optimizes noise blocking for consistent, long-term results.

Utilizing Bluetooth technology and a revolutionary approach to noise blocking, the A20 Sleep Airbuds have been tested at more than three times the efficiency and effectiveness of rival brands. They use a four-point noise masking system to achieve these impressive results, with exclusive Twin-Seal ear tips to ensure a consistently snug fit throughout the night.

The use of soft material on the core contact areas, combined with an ergonomic design that matches the shape of the wearer’s inner ear, the A20 Sleep Airbuds offer a perfect fit. Thanks to the Bluetooth capabilities and 80 hours of use through a fully charged case, the user can enjoy over fourteen hours of continuous playback during Sleep Mode, guaranteeing optimal performance from nightfall to sunrise.

With a variety of available sizes ensuring breathable and comfortable wear, regardless of your personal ear shape, the Soundcore Sleep A20 Sleep Airbuds are set to be a tempting alternative to disposable earbuds for people dealing with persistent and oppressive noise pollution.

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