Soundcore's Sport X20 Earbuds' Powerful Noise Canceling Turns A Noisy Gym Into A Tranquil Spa - IMBOLDN
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Soundcore Sport X20 Earbuds

Soundcore’s Sport X20 Earbuds’ Powerful Noise Canceling Turns A Noisy Gym Into A Tranquil Spa

Manual adjustment and adaptive ANC keep you focused on your fitness goals.

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$ 80

Sweat-resistant earbuds that don’t compromise on sound quality are a must for workout sessions, whether heading out for a ten-kilometer jog or hitting the weights in the gym. The new Soundcore Sport X20 Earbuds have been explicitly designed with workouts in mind, blending precise music reproduction with a flexible and comfortable fit.

The Soundcore Sport X20 Earbuds offer comfort through their soft and gentle material combination and adjustable ear hooks that adapt to the wearer’s needs. The adjustable ear hooks, which can be extended and rotated around the ear, offer up to thirty degrees of rotation and extend up to 4mm. Their robust build and ergonomic form make them optimal earbuds for dedicated athletes.

Soundcore has delivered the same attention to detail with the audio, and the Sport X20 earbuds present the source music with crisp high frequencies, clear vocals, and deep basses. Their proprietary BassUp technology and 11mm dynamic drivers ensure the track’s beats will optimize any strenuous workout. Paired with the Sport X20 Earbuds’ impressive noise canceling, complete with manual controls to tailor the process to your environment, it keeps distractions to a minimum so you can focus on your fitness.

The Soundcore Sport X20 Earbuds deliver a battery life of twelve hours on a single charge, extended to 48 hours when used in conjunction with the charging case. They are priced at $80 and available in black, green, and white.

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