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SoulSpeaker - Architectural Concrete Visual Speaker

SoulSpeaker Uses Ferrofluid To Merge Visual And Audio Experiences

Featuring Ferrofluid magnetic fluid that dances to every beat.

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Music can elevate a person’s mood, bring back powerful memories, and fight anxiety. Listening to it can bring about a variety of emotions, but the SoulSpeaker Architectural Concrete Visual Speaker takes the experience to an unprecedented level with magnetic fluid.

A NASA engineer first invented Ferrofluid magnetic fluid in 1963. Ferrofluid is now in medical treatments, scientific research, and the new SoulSpeaker Architectural Concrete Visual Speaker from BLACKLEAF. The state-of-the-art speaker looks as good as it sounds, with a display area filled with Ferrofluid that bounces and moves with different beats, melodies, and frequencies. It’s like a sound-controlled lava lamp in your speaker.

Apart from the Ferrofluid, the Soul Speaker is made from architectural concrete, offering a uniquely rich sound. The speaker distinguishes the timbre of varying instruments while optimizing sound balance for a top-quality listening experience. It features two high-frequency speakers with double passive bass radiators on each side. Sound waves are generated from the bottom up, providing a three-dimensional listening experience as pleasing as the Ferrofluid’s matching movement.

Apart from its rich sound and unique visuals, the speaker is a work of art. The modern concrete appearance makes it an eye-catching piece for any home, whether playing music or sitting on a shelf. It’s user-friendly with exterior function, volume, treble, and bass controls. The Soul Speaker Architectural Concrete Visual Speaker hails from Hong Kong and is currently available for backing on Kickstarter. The estimated delivery is September 2023.

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