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Sony Z9D

Sony Z9D 4K Android Smart TV

Stunning new TV from Sony will take your breath away with its contrast, colors, textures, and detail.

The TV has become the centerpiece of our living room, with most of our furniture facing towards it. Most TVs look best mounted on the wall, but with Sony’s latest 4K HDR TV, the Sony Z9D 4K Android Smart TV, you can let it can stand anywhere in the room, as it will look good wherever you put it. The TV’s design follows Sony’s new ‘Slice of Living’ concept, which takes inspiration from elements from our living space, allowing their products to seamlessly and comfortably sit within the living room more cohesively.

The TV isn’t just about good looks either. It’s stunning LED 4K display is backed up by a Backlight Master Drive that controls LED brightness individually, which contributes to a more intense contrast between the darkest spots and the lightest. It comes equipped with Android TV, so you can take advantage of thousands of apps in an instant. Expected to launch later this year and available in up to 100-inches, this TV alone will make you never want leave your home again.