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Sony RX100 V

A premium compact camera that features the world’s quickest autofocus for sharp photos and videos.

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Sony introduces the fifth generation of their popular premium compact camera, the Sony RX100 V. It’s compact dimensions and ease of use has made it a favorite among casual users, but the next generation takes thing further into a realm that no compact camera has any right to be in.

For starters, it inherits the RX100 series’ renewed 1.0-type image sensor, but improves upon its predecessor with the world’s quickest focus, fastest AF speed, fastest continuous shooting, and most AF points for a compact camera. This translates to an impressive image quality, even when the subject is in motion, and impressively detailed 4K video that’s always in focus. The RX100 V is also equipped to shoot up to 960 frames per second, which allows for ultra slow motion videos that were only capable with high-end dedicated rigs. The high definition LCD display can tilt up to 180-degrees, perfect for selfies and vlogging, making this compact camera a stellar choice for any type of videography and casual photography.