SOG PowerLitre

SOG PowerLitre Multi-tool

With a total of 17 tools that range from corkscrews to protractors, the SOG PowerLitre Multi-tool can save the day in any situation.

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Whipping out a knife in many social circles is considered bad form, but multitools get a pass mostly. Make that pass count with one that can save the day in any situation, like the SOG PowerLitre Multi-tool.

Yes, it can open a wine bottle, beer bottle, or basically do anything alcohol-related. But before you think the SOG PowerLitre is only for use on a boat when you’re in the middle of the lake and realize that you’ve forgotten the wine opener, rest assured there are other life-enhancing features.

With a total of 17 tools, including a hex bit driver, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, and gripper, if the problem requires a tool to fix it, you probably won’t have that problem anymore with the SOG PowerLitre Multi-tool.

And for the days when you need to help your kids with new math, the PowerLitre features a protractor, ruler, scissors, and did we mention the beer opener? (In the face of new math you’ll need it.)