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Gerber Armbar Scout

Gerber Launches The Armbar Scout Multi-Tool

The Armbar Scout packs a lot of utility into a compact, practical, and adventure-compatible design.

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Compact multi-tools are increasingly popular among everyone from hunters and hikers to tradesmen who need quick access to hard-wearing tools for a range of needs. Portland-based Gerber has drawn upon decades of experience manufacturing knives and multi-tools to deliver the Armbar Scout, a compact multi-tool that blends hard-wearing build quality with practical design.

It’s the kind of robust and easy-to-use tool you’d expect from the makers of some of the best pocket knives, built on a durable stainless steel frame and featuring a handy pocket clip for ease of access. With a plain edge blade and saw, it’s ideal for craftsmen who need backup tools for ad hoc work, while the can opener, bottle opener, and scissors expand its utility to campers and hikers looking to minimize the weight of their gear.

Gerber has brought the same attention to detail and ergonomics to the Armbar Scout as it did with its pocket square folding knife, with precise engineering matched by its intuitive functionality. Paired with the folding knife and the Gerber Devour multi-fork, any adventurous hikers leaving the beaten path will have all the tools they need to survive in the wilderness.

The addition of a reliable frame lock for secure operation and a limited lifetime warranty from Gerber makes the Armbar Scout a great workhorse for anyone looking for an essential multi-tool. The Armbar Scout is available in Burnt Orange, Onyx, or Green. It sells for $50 and is available on Gerber’s website.

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