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As EDC enthusiasts, we like to think we know our way around a good pocket knife. There’s no denying that the best pocket knives are among the most useful items you can own. You’ll find they come in handy for so much more than you might expect. In fact, this tiny tool is destined to be your EDC MVP. So we’ve rounded up the best pocket knives of 2023 to help narrow down your search.

The James Brand The Redstone

Life’s a lot easier when the essentials you carry every day don’t occupy too much room (we’re looking at you, smartphone). The James Brand has you covered with The Redstone, an outdoor knife that weighs next to nothing and offers a compact yet rugged option for your everyday needs. Unlock it with a single hand and enjoy the functionality of its bent-wire pocket clip. It includes a lanyard for your carrying convenience, too.


WESN x Glidr The Microblade

Craving something with a little pop of personality? You’ve found it in WESN x Glidr The Microblade, a striking piece available in shades like orange, neon green, and turquoise (plus grey for you purists). It’s tiny, yes, but a super cool find that packs a punch with its ultra-sharp blade. As functional as it is stylish, this handy companion is available for a limited time only.


The James Brand The Elko

If minimal utilitarian describes your general sense of style, you’ve finally found the pocket knife of your dreams thanks to The James Brand. The Elko is a phenomenal find, absolutely brimming with scaled-back appeal thanks to its stainless steel blade and pray bar that functions as everything from a bottle opener to a key ring.


Goyon-Chazeau Le Thiers Pocket Knife

Handmade to perfection, the Goyon-Chazeau Le Thiers Pocket Knife with a corkscrew could well be your most stylish companion to date. There’s the fact that it’s made with premium materials, like a juniper wood handle and a stainless steel blade. Handmade in France, this is a dynamic little showpiece sure to impress even the most finicky pocket knife connoisseurs.


Santa Fe Stoneworks Lockback Knife

You’ll never “look back” once you invite the Santa Fe Stoneworks Lockback Knife to your life! You just won’t find EDC as striking as this elsewhere, something that’s obvious with a single glance at the remarkable Fordite inlay. This is cast from a pre-1985 paint used in automobile production. This knife calls for a little extra TLC, but you’ll be glad to give it the attention it deserves to keep it looking this gorgeous.


Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Lockback Knife

If you’re in the market for something especially sharp, the Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Lockback Knife makes an excellent solution. It’s ideal for anything that requires a bit of detailed workmanship, or an especially stubborn item that’s difficult to pierce or cut. Take it along on your epic camping or hiking adventure, or keep it in your pocket when you’re on a fishing expedition. It will come in useful, no doubt.


Benchmade Bugout 535 Folding Knife

Just the basics, please. When in doubt, an accessory like the Benchmade Bugout 535 Folding Knife will never steer you wrong. As suitable to add to your own EDC as it is to give as a gift for someone else’s needs, this stainless steel knife is made with a glass-filled Grigori handle for a sturdy, durable, yet innately elegant design.


Kershaw Cryo Folding Knife

Offering knives that are a “cut above the rest,” Kershaw know a thing or two about creating performance accessories with style. That’s the case with the Cryo Folding Knife, made with flawless stainless steel finished with a coat of titanium carbo-nitride. It’s sleek, simple, and designed with the needs of emergency service professionals in mind. Whether you’re a copy or a first responder, you’ll appreciate the simplicity it adds to your life.


CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife

Designed with a high carbon stainless steel blade, the CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife is the answer to any and all of your cutting, piercing, and slicing woes. It’s light as air, yet so effective and highly functional that you might be surprised. The design alone sets it apart — it boasts a distinctive, hardy appearance that belies its light weight.


Gerber Gear Fastball Wharncliffe Blade Folding Knife

When you need a do-it-all-no-questions-asked knife that you can really rely on at any moment, the Gerber Gear Fastball Wharncliffe Blade Folding Knife is your answer. It’s made with high carbon S40V steel and features machined aluminum handles — in other words, it’s incredibly robust. The drop point blade features a needle tip point for perfect execution of your most complex cuts.