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Sleepy Jones Pajama

Sleepy Jones Pajama

These comfortable PJs will make you want them to wear them to work.

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It’s strange how we associate formalities in fashion with productivity and professionalism. Someone that is dressed impeccably like Don Draper is seen as highly competent, despite his heavy drinking and womanizing that seems to get in the way of getting any real work done. We see someone in a bathrobe or sweats during a workday and we automatically label them as being lazy and irresponsible. However, real ingenuity and creative spark comes from being comfortable; at one with your self and free to do whatever you’re inspiration may take you. To prove this point, Sleepy Jones has set out to change the perception we have on PJs in praise of its comfort.

They see their PJs as an everyday uniform that will keep you comfortable, not something that is only limited to the bedroom. Their priority is your comfort, so you can leave all your worries behind, such as what’s going on at the office or whether you’ve done your taxes, along with the uncomfortable shackles of regular clothes. Their PJs allow you to unplug and be whoever you need to be for the moment. Their supremely comfortable Henry Pajama Shirt and Marcel Pajama Pant feature details like contrast piping, French seams, button cuffs, and even a chest pocket. The details are more polished than most PJs, making it appropriate for both inside and outside of your bedroom.

At the end of the day, you have to wear whatever makes you comfortable. It will be the source of your many inspirations and achievements; and if you decide to wear your Sleepy Jones to work, there’s a good chance that no one will even notice if worn under a blazer.