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shovel spoon

Shovel Spoon

Shovel food into your mouth like a man with this dainty Shovel Spoon.

A man should be able to be a man no matter where and what the situation. Dining room etiquettes are emasculating to our species, when we should be holding a slab of meet and ripping through it with our bare hands and teeth. But for those circumstances that require some kind of utensil, ordinary forks and spoons won’t do. That is why you need to shovel food into your mouth like a man with the Shovel Spoon.

This novelty shovel-shaped spoon is prefect for stuffing your face and shoving food into your mouth, just as if you’re continuing your yard work in the dining room. Instead of gripping the end of an earth moving shovel with your manly hands, you’re taking control of moving food from the plate to your mouth.

The only unmanly thing about the Shovel Spoon might be the size, but it’s a shovel! Forget that it looks dainty and cute. Plus, size shouldn’t matter as long as you know how to use it. Wait, now that we think about it… what is this, a shovel for ants?!