Shanghai Customs eCub Conversion Kit

An all-inclusive kit to convert the iconic Honda Cub into a fully electric bike, no welding or soldering necessary.

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Once a tedious, trial-by-error project for hobbyists and mechanics, electric conversion is getting more and more common, even for vintage and turbocharged motorcycles that were conceived without a single nod toward energy efficiency. That’s all thanks to companies like Shanghai Customs, who are designing all-inclusive kits to make conversion as accessible as possible. Even for the Honda Cub.

The new Honda eCub Conversion Kit requires no welding or soldering whatsoever, and it shouldn’t take more than a day to retrofit the iconic Honda Cub with all the parts needed to electrify your ride. A lithium-ion battery pack has enough power for up to 25 miles on the road, and the bike is 100 percent electric after conversion, meaning no need to refuel ever again.