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Seven Bro7hers Juicy IPA

Seven Bro7hers Releases Their New Juicy IPA

The dry-hopping process used by the Mancunian brewery makes each sip of this effervescent IPA tingle with a full-bodied taste.

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Based out of Salford Quays in Manchester, England, Seven Bro7hers is a brewery with a hell of a family connection — there are literally 7 brothers running the show from top to bottom. The brand isn’t a typo, either. In addition to being true, it’s clever, unexpected, and memorable, so it’s no surprise the Seven Bro7hers Juicy IPA follows suit.

Behind the retro-cool art on the can you’ll find an amber brew that doesn’t hold back on the bold, bitter, and hoppy, but eases off the clutch when it comes to sweetness and maltiness. Much of that intriguing pedigree comes courtesy of the torrefied wheat and oats used in the brewing process, which work together to deliver a full body and lingering head with just a hint of residual sweet on the palate. For the hop aficionados out there, the dry-hopping process lends incredible aromas of citrus along with tropical and stone fruits for a fruity finish that might just make Seven Bro7hers Juicy IPA your new go-to beer.