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PyroPet Kisa Black

A candle that reveals a wild beast when fully burnt.

When was the last time you lit a candle? Most candles these days are used to enhance the ambiance, to act as a therpudic way to release stress, to rid of unwanted odors, or simply when there’s a blackout. We don’t know why, but the sight of a burnt out candle always makes us feel a bit melancholy, possibly because it reminds us of the the inevitable end of everything.

PyroPet has gone further to give us something more than just a plain old burnt out candle by inserting a grinning metallic skeleton. It’s as if this cute cat shaped candle is revealing the wild beast inside her. Our favorite is the Kisa Black, but it’s also available in grey and pink. To see the candle reveal its skeleton, check out the video below.[/emebd]