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Prynt Instant Camera Case

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Paper consumption has risen even after the invention of emails, and for some the preference for analog gadgets will most likely never die down. Despite the market being flooded with new digital devices, the demand for instant cameras like that made popular by Polaroid seems to be as hot as ever.

While a myriad of digital devices are being released day in and day out, the Prynt Instant Camera Case, a phone case allowing your smartphone to turn into a Polaroid camera, seeks to capitalize on both the digital and analogue fonts while managing to stand out thanks to its unique color filters. Print is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and the operation is as simple as can be with a click of a button.

As indicated by the current Kickstarter campaign pledge of $106,141, more than doubling Prynt’s initial $50,000 goal, the future for Prynt seems bright.