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Pratfall By Philippe Starck Is The Epitome Of Comfort And Style

Designed in 1984 as part of the iconic Costes series, this lounge chair is a true embodiment of elegance.

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Pratfall by Philippe Starck is a timeless masterpiece that effortlessly blends form and function. Originally designed in 1984 as part of the renowned Costes series, this lounge chair continues to captivate with its unmistakable characteristics—a welcoming wooden shell and three gracefully inclined legs.

With its strong personality and enveloping, comfortable seat, Pratfall brings an air of elegance to any setting, whether it be a sophisticated home or a luxurious hotel. Staying true to the spirit of the Costes collection, Pratfall is available in a wide range of combinations and matches, offering new and exciting possibilities for curved plywood shells and leather upholstery.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the chair features a tubular steel frame painted with a polyester powder finish in the elegant shade of mica anthracite grey. The bent plywood shell is impeccably finished in mahogany, exuding warmth and sophistication. Completing the ensemble is a seat cushion with polyurethane foam padding of differentiated density, covered in sleek black leather.

Philippe Starck, a globally celebrated creator known for his multifaceted inventiveness, has always championed the philosophy of “democratic design.” His vision centers on improving the lives of as many people as possible through creation in all its forms. From everyday products to architecture, naval engineering, and even space projects, Starck constantly pushes the boundaries of design, solidifying his position as one of the most visionary and renowned creators of our time.

Pratfall by Philippe Starck is available starting at $1,800, offering discerning individuals the opportunity to own a piece of design history that transcends time and trends. Experience the transformative power of this iconic lounge chair and elevate your space with the timeless elegance it embodies.

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