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PK79 by Ayutt and Associates design

This house elevates an element designed for security and privacy into beautiful design.

There’s a lot that Thai architecture offers when it comes to innovative and beautiful design. PK79 is a modern home located in a sparsely populated suburban area, where privacy and security are afforded by adding wrought iron screens on all doors and windows to protect against intruders. Instead of resorting to what other houses in the neighborhood have done, Ayutt and Associates design (AAd) has created a custom protection screen that acts as the house’s feature facade, spacial divider, and barrier, while also providing protection from the heat and acting as an air buffer zone for ventilation.

The house is organized into two zones; the WHITE box for daytime use and the BLACK safe box on the higher floors for nighttime privacy and safety. With sliding partitions that control sunlight, airflow, and privacy, the house transforms itself depending on the owner’s needs, while maintaining its aesthetic beauty.