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Pipeline F125

Pipeline F125 Floor Lamp

A sleek source of vertical Illumination, the Pipeline F125 Floor Lamp exhibits ANDlight’s dedication to the creation of unique lighting fixtures that are also incredible art objects.

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Dedicated to the creation of unique lighting fixtures that are also incredible art objects, ANDlight is the brainchild of its founders Caine Heintzman, Matt Davis, and Lukas Peet. Working together out of ANDlight’s offices in the beautiful and stylish city of Vancouver, Canada, this trio of forward-thinking designers and lighting industry leaders sell their wares through a rapidly expanding network of trusted retailers throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

One of ANDlight’s latest projects is the Pipeline F125 Floor Lamp. Inspired by ANDlight’s successful Pipeline Pendant fixture, the Pipeline F125 Floor Lamp offers stylish vertical Illumination through a long and cylindrical LED light source that is mounted on a weighted base and sits securely on a sturdy circular floor pad. Sleekly designed with strikingly clean and straight lines, this unit can fit into virtually any space.

The Pipeline F125 Floor Lamp is manufactured entirely in Canada and features surfaces of polished copper, polished brass, and aluminum with a white powder coat finish. The electrical components of the Pipeline F125 Floor Lamp include an integral 24V power supply, a low voltage magnetic dimmer, and a cord that can be custom ordered at any desired length. The unit’s 21W linear LED light bulb is designed to last 70,000 hours over the course of its lifetime.