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Pharrell Williams’ New $7 Million Home in LA

After hearing the news of Pharrell Williams putting his Miami penthouse residence on the market, we’ve been wondering where he would take his real estate portfolio next. Although the condo apparently hasn’t sold yet, Pharrell has moved on to the Hollywood Hills in the “Skyline Residence” with views that overlook Laurel Canyon. Compared to the astronomical price of $16.8 million he’s asking for his Miami penthouse, this house in LA seems almost reasonable at $7.14 million.

Pharrell’s new 4,415-square-foot Hollywood modern home features wraparound glass that capitalizes on the panoramic view. A must have for any self-respecting trendsetter, the residence features an infinity pool, a barbecue space, and an outdoor film-viewing area, which will no doubt guarantee some of the most epic house parties. Now, only if we can find a way to get invited…